May 26, 2015

Smith’s Patent Civil War 2nd Lt. Cavalry Shoulder Straps – Sale Pending

Extremely nice pair with no damage in outstanding original condition. Smith’s Patent shoulder straps are Civil War only issue. Cavalry examples are scarce enough but really nice Cavalry examples even more so. Price is $350.00 with free shipping.

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Mexican War through Civil War cased Rifleman’s Epaulettes with correct U.S. Eagle R buttons

Tin tole storage/carrying case. Most of the japanning is gone from the tin. The paddle is gray wool bordered and bound with brass. The horseshoe is green fabric bordered on the inside curve with gold bullion cord. The fringe is gray wool and gold bullion intermingled. This is a rare item and is virtually never see. Price is 850.00 with free shipping included.

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Custer Civil War, Indian War Books – Inquire with specific interest for pricing

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If you have a dress helmet that is incomplete, then these helmet accessories are your answer. The group consists of the yellow horsehair plume, plume holder, helmet mounting accessories, CAVALRY EAGLE FRONT PLATE, CAVALRY EAGLE BUTTONS and helmet strap. I will not separate these items. I would consider purchasing a helmet that these could be utilized on. Price is 195.00 with free shipping.
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Rare accessory, as it was only made until 1874 then discontinued. These pommel pocket/bags are in VG overall condition and are complete. The bags were designed to carry the trooper’s necessary items for proper care of his mount; brush, curry comb, 2 horseshoes and 15 nails. The cross straps that join the two bags have been repaired and re-enforced on the back side with small pieces of leather from a Civil War Eagle Buckle belt. The repairs cannot be seen, the straps are complete, and these bags will display perfectly. Mentioned for exactness. Price is 205.00 with free shipping.
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Belt Buckle – $195

Pictured below, upper right. Classic Civil War US enlisted man’s oval belt buckle. Non excavated. Super nice dark patina. Hooks are intact. Very tiny amount of the lead is missing, and there is a almost invisible hairline crack just to the left of the U. Both are mentioned for accuracy. Does not affect displayability. Price is $195.00 with shipping included.

Cartridge box plate – $225

Pictured below, upper left. Civil War enlisted man’s cartridge box plate for the .58 caliber box. Non excavated. Mellow patina. Mounting loops are intact. No flaws. Extremely nice box plate. Price is $225.00 with shipping included.

Eagle sling plate – $230

Pictured below, bottom. Round Eagle Civil War cartridge box sling/breast plate. Non excavated. Great patina and perfect detail. Mounting loops are intact. No flaws. If you are looking for a nice example of one of these look no further. Price is $230.00 with shipping included.

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