June 26, 2017

Dahlgren Knife Bayonet – $1900.00

Admiral Dahlgren’s own description of this weapon states “The special bayonet is a short, broad and stout knife of the well known bowie-pattern, the principal use of which I designed to be in the hand in close conflict as in boarding.”

Designed for use with the Whitney-Plymounth Navy rifle, this particular example of the Dahlgren is in fine condition. and has the original and correct brass mounted scabbard, correctly Ames marked, 1864 dated, and DR inspected blade. DR inspector marks found on to of handle cap as well. Missing only a single tiny rivet at the bottom of the scabbard. Wooden grip unmolested. Brass has a nice mellow tone. Leather scabbard has no breaks or cracks. Blade speaks for itself. Overall length is 16.5”. This Bayonet has been vetted by a well-known blade expert. Nicest one I have seen available. $1900.00


Ames Model 1840 Musicians Sword – $495.00

Great blade with 1864 date and Ames markings. No nicks, dings, or sharpening. Great scabbard with no breaks, repairs, etc. scabbard finish excellent. Red felt still present in scabbard throat. Brass has nice, even, mellow tone. All inspectors marks present.
It would be very difficult to upgrade from this sword. $495.00

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